About the Artist

Caro Woods MA

Caro lives and works in a converted Chapel in the heart of a small village on the Western edge of the Dartmoor National Park, Devon. She gained her MA in 2003 in ‘Contemporary Visual Practice’, at Falmouth School of Art, and remained in Cornwall until she moved to Dartmoor in 2017.

Artist as Pilgrim

For the past few years, my creative practice has been focused on the meaning and process of pilgrimage, both as an inner, spiritual journey as well as an outer, physical traveller in search of hidden meanings in nature.  To fuel a creative practice based on movement through changing landscapes, I have developed both healing chakra walking pilgrimages (St. Michael’s Mount, 2014), as well as equine journeys with my Connemara Pony, Tommy.  Chiefly, creating a ‘ribbon of light’ route in ‘My Rainbow Ribbon Ride’, (2015) an equine pilgrimage from Lindisfarne to St. Michael’s Mount; and a vision quest for peace with friends in Wiltshire and Uffington, in my ‘White Horses Ride’, (2017) visiting all the hill-cut chalk figures, on horseback.  (More details here).

This kind of itinerant life has also coincided with 4 house moves in as many years and now it is time to hand over the reins to others and hang up my gypsy, walking boots.  For the time being, at least.  To begin the process of putting down roots in the place where I have landed and after such an extended period of unsettling upheaval, a gradual process of becoming ‘grounded’.  To find a point of stillness once more, as a refuge from a state of constant wandering and wondering.  A perfect moment to finish my book, ‘My Rainbow Ribbon Ride’, and get it published.  No mean task.

Let me help you remember your Special Moments!

Finding myself in this slightly more settled state of being also provides the perfect opportunity to concentrate on helping others to commemorate their favourite landscapes, or create new pilgrimages to places that have special meanings for individuals.

Over the years, I have experienced moments of epiphany that have altered the course of my life.  The triggers are usually quite mundane: it could be a piece of music, a chance encounter or a beam of light, but they are always accompanied by a sort of ‘light-bulb’ moment and the feeling that it is some sort of momentous rite of passage.

I relish the challenge of finding ways to illustrate these special moments for other people.  They are usually very spiritual and can include a variety of different senses: sights, sounds, touch and smell, that makes your heart sing.  These are specific moments in people’s lives that are so evocative and poignant that they want to record them but, until now, have not known quite how to.

I look forward to being invited to share with you your own recollections of your unique special moment in time – and if you decide to commission me – extremely privileged to record it for posterity in the form of a creative artwork, either as a lasting gift for yourself or your nearest and dearest.  If you would like to make further enquiries, or just to chat,  please feel free to contact me.   I would be very happy to discuss the process and answer any of your concerns or questions about commissioning your own, unique ‘Special Places’ art work.